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Chalk – The White Gold of Kazimierz Dolny

Enjoy a WHITE GOLD wellness chalk treatment.

70 million years ago, Kazimierz Dolny was situated at the bottom of a tropical sea of the Cretaceous period – the level of the World Ocean was at that time 200 meters higher than today. Shells of billions of tiny organisms which lived in the sea formed a layer that became consolidated into chalk – a form of limestone that is so typical of Kazimierz. 

The beneficial properties of healing chalk were discovered as early as 1910: it was used at that time successfully in healing chalk baths.

Referred to as WHITE GOLD, chalk is a pure, natural and allergen-free product with an alkaline pH. Mixed with water, it can be used as a warming or cooling pack to support metabolism; purified chalk has a fine-grained structure and the ability to store heat or cold for a prolonged time. It is also used in masks, peels and medicinal baths for skin cleansing and skin care and to improve the general well-being.