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Massages / Peels

Classical healing massage – quickly regenerates and relaxes tense muscles, makes the skin more supple and firm, relieves pain.


120 zł – 60 minutes

70 zł – 30 minutes


Shea butter massage gentle relaxing massage with warm aromatic butter; smoothly and delicately rubbed into the skin, shea butter brings a feeling of relaxation and relieves stress, perfectly moisturizes the skin and makes it smooth and velvety.


140 zł – 60 minutes

80 zł – 30 minutes


Massage with a warm aromatic candle a dose of new vital energy for the body; a feeling of warmth offered by the hot wax; aromas, which take you on a journey into the world of relaxation, calmness and lightness, making your skin soft and well-moisturized.


160 zł – 60 minutes

85 zł – 30 minutes


Light-body massage full body massage involving the stimulation of energy points, which gives your body a new vitality, harmony and natural beauty, granting it a feeling of lightness.


140 zł – 45 minutes


Warm chocolate massage a sweet temptation for the body which provides relaxation and, owing to its unique aroma, raises the level of endorphins, stimulates the senses, relieves stress and restores harmony to your body.


150 zł – 60 minutes

80 zł – 30 minutes


Body peel – a deep-cleansing treatment based on sugar or Dead Sea salt, suitable for all skin types, even sensitive; it rejuvenates, brightens and refreshes the skin.


80 zł – 30 minutes