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Hotel Reviews Kazimierzowka

"Wonderful, professional and friendly service. Both in terms of flexibility regarding early check-in as well as changing the date of arrival. Food is very exquisite and above all tasty. Sturgeon with asparagus - POETRY! Accompanied with white wine SOAVE Mito, it takes you into another dimension. Other advantages include places for children to play (playground, swimming pool, kids’ corner inside) and a garden jacuzzi for adults .... and a parking lot for bikes .. the place is quiet as it is a bit on the side but at the same time conveniently close to the fish; I will definitely return, thank you .. " [source:]

"Fantastic place, amiable and smiling personnel, always friendly and willing to help. They were even kind enough to place families with children in another part of the hotel than "romantic" though a bit elderly couples like us. For those who do not like it when it gets too crowded, the hotel has an ideal location, a little on the outskirts of Kazimierz, but still close to the market square; I just advise against wearing high heels, because cobblestones are everywhere. Cuisine is sensational and you can see attention paid to every detail; I hope this very reasonable price will remain for a long time, because we will definitely come here again." [source:]

"I can recommend this place to anyone .... in fact, we can recommend it to anyone; very nice and friendly service, and a very good cook. Very good location. Together with my wife, we have a sense of money well spent; the offer is attractive and we recommend it." [source:]

"Lovely hotel located very close to the market square. The hotel is brilliantly located at the top of the castle hill, about 500 meters from the market square (you can burn unwanted calories by climbing up the hill). The hotel is new, very clean, and beautifully furnished. Service is excellent (rare to find in Kazimierz Dolny). Everyone is very nice and smiling. I recommend the option with breakfast included - it's brilliant. Espresso coffee is also already there so please disregard older opinions. We were very surprised by the quality of the restaurant located on the premises, I have not had such a delicious duck for years (very decent pricing for the exorbitant standards of Kazimierz Dolny, putting the Green Tavern to shame); lastly, each hotel guest receives a 10% discount on the restaurant menu. With a clear conscience I recommend it; I suspect that soon the prices will be from outer space." [source:]

"Beautiful place, full of climate and well-furnished with a sense of style. Service is of the highest standard! Delicious food! I will never forget my trip to Kazimierz Dolny and the stay at this very fabulous Guesthouse! With full responsibility I encourage you to visit this place :)" [source:]

"Great place, totally relaxing and the professional massage by Ms. Caroline was really something :) I recommend it:)" [source:]

"Excellent place - perfect for a romantic weekend (ideally suited for anniversaries - as it was in my case). A new facility, very comfortable, tastefully decorated and with clean rooms. Excellent service. And the restaurant - it can be recommended as part of the hotel as well as a place of its own - I especially recommend the hand-chopped beef tartare." [source:]

"Mix beautiful countryside with peace and quiet, friendly service, delicious cuisine, and, above all, extremely nice hosts, and what you get is one word: Kazimierzówka!!! This is a place you really want to come back to" Marian Kaliński, Beata Mazurkiewicz  [source: Guestbook]

"An exceptional place and wonderful people. I was truly happy here on that hot summer day. Thank you Marcin Kydryński [source: Guestbook]

"Very good location of the hotel, close to the market square and yet quiet and peaceful. The hotel is new and very clean. Our room was spacious, producing no sensation of minimalism. VERY good offer in the restaurant, delicious food at reasonable prices. Friendly and helpful reception. We will definitely return." [source:]