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Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental

If you would like to try cycling routes in Kazimierz Dolny and the surrounding area, and you have not brought your own bike, you can rent it from us. At your disposal are WHISTLE MTB bikes of the MIWOK series. We also offer bikes adjusted to transporting small children. Our partner is Andrzej Sypytkowski - Polish cyclist, Olympic silver medalist and vice-champion of the world. 

Inquiries and bicycle booking at the reception: +48 785 072 011 or

Bike rental prices:

uo to 2 hours 30 zł
1 day 50 zł


  • Child bike seat - 10 zł
  • Helmet - 5 zł

 Bicycle rentalBicycle rentalBicycle rental

Cycling routes in the vicinity:

  • Towards a hill fort in Żmijowiska - the route leads 16 km south of Kazimierz towards the site of a former Slavic hill fort, which is currently being reconstructed. A branch of the Nadwiślańskie Museum in Kazimierz – Żmijowiska hill fort – operates there. More information can be found here. SEE MAP
  • Two trails lead to the former fishing village of Męćmierz, which today can safely be called a living open-air museum. Wooden huts with thatched roofs, hidden behind brushwood woven fences, a windmill on the bank of the Vistula, a well in the centre of the village and the road which ends long before we reach Męćmierz – a trip here is almost like an escape from civilization. Towards the Vistula in Męćmierz - see here. SEE MAP. To Męćmierz by bike - see here. SEE MAP
  • Direction: Zimny Dół – Kazimierz is famous for its beautiful gorges, abundant in the vicinity. Regular visitors have surely heard such names as Korzeniowy Dół or Norowy Dół. And where is Zimny Dół (Cold Hole)? It is worthwhile to check it and it is not far. More information can be found here. SEE MAP
  • Cycling towards Skowieszynek – The route takes us east straight into the heart of the history of our town. Here, centuries ago, there probably existed a convent of Norbertine nuns, who, out of gratitude for the lands bestowed upon them, named this area Kazimierz – in honour of the generous ruler also known as Kazimierz the Righteous. As the chronicler Długosz writes, here was also the source of the now-dry river Grodarz. More information can be found here. SEE MAP
  • To Albrechtówka by bike – The trail leads along a green tapestry of trees and shrubs, which suddenly opens with a beautiful panorama of the Vistula, Męćmierz and the coutryside. It is a true reward for the tired cyclist! More information can be found here. SEE MAP
  • Zjawienie Chapel – A trip to the area of a Slavic hill fort in Chodlik, hidden deep in the woods. Here stands a small house chapel called Zjawienie (Appearance), attracting pilgrimages of local inhabitants during Easter. What brings them here? It is for you to find out. More information can be found here. SEE MAP
  • Green trail – a loop that runs through three picturesque towns: Kazimierz, Janowiec, and Puławy, with its complex of parks and palaces formerly owned by the Czartoryski family. The route starts right here, but you can just as well start anywhere, because the beginning of the loop is, after all, an open question... More information here. SEE MAP
  • Taking a loop around two cemeteries – SWalks in the cemetery? Why not? Especially in autumn, which annually reminds us of the passage of time, like the cemetery itself. It is also a trip into the past: the Jewish cemetery recalls the centuries-long presence of Jews in Kazimierz, while the cemetery of Soviet soldiers reminds us of the bloody battles of World War II. More information can be found here. SEE MAP
  • Turtle and dinosaur trail – the trail leads through picturesque nooks of the Holy Cross, Masovia, and Lublin Regions. This is an excellent opportunity to learn the history of the Earth when dinosaurs walked it. More information can be found here. SEE MAP
  • Lublin - Nałęczów - Kazimierz Dolny – The trail starts in Kazimierz Dolny and leads through the Grodarz river valley and the Witoszyński brook valley to the village of Rąblów, from where it continues to Wąwolnica, famous for the cult of the Virgin Mary of Kębło, and further through the valley of the Bystra to Nałęczów to end its run in Lublin at the "Open Air Village Museum". More information can be found here. SEE MAP